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Excel CoolCoat

What is Excel CoolCoat?

Excel CoolCoat is a heat reflective roof coating that reflects the UV rays and IR rays which comes from the sun.

How it works?

By continuously reflecting UV rays and IR rays which lies over the roof of your building, the roof itself not gets heated up. So that you can feel comfortable inside the room even at peak summer. This is the working principal of our product.

What is acrylic coating?

Elastic, water resistant

How it is maintaining ambient temperature?

How long is its durability?

Durability of our product is 5 to 7 years.

Can we use any color? If not, why?

NO. Our product comes under only in white color for better reflection. Unlike dark colored roofs that retain heat and are subject to UV degradation.

Can we apply this to walls and inside roof?

Of course you can apply to walls as well. By which you can avoid the heat absorption on walls too.

What will be the minimum reduction of temperature above roof while using this?

You can feel nearly 8 to 20 degree temperature reduction after using our product.

Do we need to use primer to apply this?

No. You don’t need to use primer to apply our product.

What is SRI?

SRI is a Solar Reflectance Index. It is measure of solar reflectance. Lower the SRI , material become hotter in sunlight. Our product has HIGH SRI, hence it will not become hot. You can walk bare foot over your roof in afternoons.

What is VOC?

Is this a certified product?

Yes, It is a green product certified by GRIHA.

How it is said to be cost effective?

Don’t need to use primer for applying our product. Also you don’t need any special handling. Any normal painter can apply this easily.

How will it prevent from Island effect?

How does it saves power?

During peak summers, the A/C has to run for a longer time to bring down the room temperature. It will lead to increased power consumption. By using our product, Air-conditioners require less time to cool saving upto 30{932f6f0053b46d455b10d7db535e3d1b4130f46e9b37cc03bd0371dcc7fc3d7c} of Electricity consumption.

Do we need maintanence?

No, our product does not need any special maintenance. It simply gets cleaned with water.

Can we apply this to any type of roofs?

Yes. You can apply CoolCoat to any surface except Glassy surfaces.

How does it reduces CO2 emission and green house gases?

Carbon di oxide is the primary greenhouse gas. If you use Excel CoolCoat, A/C does not require longer time to bring down the temperature. Hence we can reduce CO2 emission that emitted through A/C.

Aditional Benefits of this product?

Because of using our product, buildings look brighter & new. Since, it prevents from cracks due to heat.

Areas of application?

Houses, Factories, Warehouses, Any buildings, Hospitals, Oil storage tanks, Sintex tanks, Water pipelines, Green Buildings.

Is it eco friendly?

Yes. It is a green product certified by GRIHA. Does not have any toxic substance.

How many coats we have to apply for better results?

You have to apply 2 coats for better results.

How many square feet it covers for per litre?

One litre of Excel CoolCoat covers 25 Sq.ft double coat.

How to apply this? Where can I watch some videocasts demonstrating the use of coolcoat?

It is just like normal water based paint. Any painter can apply this easily.

Will it extend the life of buildings?

Definitely. By

How can I contact you to get more information about product?

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